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Sul Mare is a project that I have been carrying for several months, with the GAA Foundation, for the exhibition VENISE DESIGN 2018, which runs from May 24 to November 25, 2018, in parallel with the Biennale of Architecture and which presents the work of fifty designers from around the world – 38 countries represented!

As a trained visual artist, I have a rather artistic approach to design.  For Venice Design 2018, I wanted once again to shake the codes by creating a piece that by shape is sculptural and by function, is a swing.

The seat being the most studied furniture in design, and the most widely used, the exercise is far from simple. What appealed to me was all the connections that bind us to a seat: whether emotional, aesthetic, cultural, intellectual or spiritual.

This sculpture-swing is composed of a large steel band over 4 meters long, worked in two thicknesses, laser cut, welded, curved and thermo-lacquered. It comes from a drawing whose organic form is very inspired by the sea that surrounds Venice. The rope is also inspired by the maritime environment, an used here as a precious material.

Its immaculate white color responds to the Baroque decoration of certain areas of the Palace.

The notion of movement brings an extra dimension to the object by establishing a dialogue with space. Moving furniture creates extra attraction and strong interaction with the user.

This unique piece, resolutely timeless, offers an immersion to the present and a re-connection to our senses.

Let’s swing!