About her

Ingrid SOL LECCIA was born on June 24, 1968 in Geneva, of a Corsican Mother and a Swiss Father.

Her career began with the creation of large-format canvases, most often inspired by the urban world, the architecture of mega-cities and African crowds.

In 2006 she organized her first exhibition in an art gallery and on this occasion she met the Sculptor René Broissand. He says he was seduced by the strength of her work and tells her this: “we feel that you are going towards the material, you have to get out of the wall”. His words resonated in her and change her artistic trajectory since, shortly after, she joined his studio and worked for 5 years at his side.

However, she does not want to be a prisoner of metal: sculpture has allowed her, above all, to expand her creative space. To free oneself from the canvas was to free oneself from a defined space.

In 2011 she moved into her own studio and explored different materials. Her sculptures quickly tend towards the monumental. Alberto Giacometti once said: “A sculpture must be able to fit in a matchbox. Hers fit in the hand before being made on a large scale.

To understand the work of “ribbons”, you have to imagine bending long bars of 6 meters with the force of her hands, arms and legs. From this “body to body” is born like a dance, a rhythm. It is said that the balance of her sculptures is due to both their power and their femininity.

For several years she has been exploring design by creating unique pieces or in small series, objects that have a strong personality. They arise from an encounter with matter and are often inspired by nature and her childhood. With the CONVERSATION and TOOOTEM Sculptures, color has recently returned to his work.

She has received several prizes and awards. Her work is regularly exhibited in France, Switzerland. in Germany and Italy. We find her works in private collections in Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States.

She works in her workshop / showroom located in the French Alps, on the heights of Annecy.

Visit of the showroom and workshop by appointment.