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March 2018


VENICE DESIGN 2018 is the largest design exhibition running alongside La Biennale di Venezia. From May 26 to November 25 2018, VENICE DESIGN intends to show a glimpse of the approaches of today’s international designers and is a testimony as well as an evidence of the current design scene. For its second consecutive year, the exhibition will be hosted by the European Cultural Centre in the historical location of Palazzo Michiel, facing the Grand Canal in the very heart of Venice.

Around 50 creators from 30 different countries and of various cultural backgrounds, ages and points in their career are invited to present their concepts and approaches towards design. Palazzo Michiel has become the place where design perspectives confront themselves and VENICE DESIGN takes the shape of an international platform for design investigations, contemporary mutations and innovative creative attitudes.

From an observation of today’s design scene, the vast and precious collection of creations in VENICE DESIGN offers a reflection on its paradoxes and analogies. Inspiring and fascinating, each creation in Palazzo Michiel is here to raise curiosity and interest towards the role of design in our daily life and dreams. Each design represents a keen research to be ultimately accomplished by the creation of an item; this may be a unique piece of furniture, a both beautiful and functional object, a light system, a piece of jewellery, an illustration or a hybrid between any of these.

While Palazzo Michiel has become the platform to host an international vision on design, VENICE DESIGN also intends to show its visitors the design landscape of Venice. A city map has been created enabling our visitors to discover 42 independent designers all living and working in Venice. This collaboration between VENICE DESIGN and Venetian designers invites visitors to find new inspiration by exploring the singular traditions and original design processes taking place in Venice.


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